Our Advantages

Help your group clients gain control of health care expenses by addressing the root cause of escalating healthcare costs

Become A Solution Provider

Out of necessity, small to mid-sized employers are looking for industry-leading solutions to that give them more control of their benefits and a chance for greater flexibility, while still maintaining compliance. Let our unique, self-funded plan designs and integrated wellness and employee incentive programs add value to your client relationships.

'A One Stop Shop'

We offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for alternative funding programs . We take the guesswork out of evaluating different level funded products and program. We've already pre-qualified programs, carriers and their administrators to provide you with the leading options, available under a streamlined distribution model. We know that one size doesn't fit all with regards to employee benefits. Each program and carrier partner has its own niche in terms of how it might fit into your group business. We are eager to partner with you to ensure that you have a full portfolio of alternative funded products to meet every need and situation.

Unmatched Expertise

We offer an unmatched expertise in alternative funding programs and the administration of these cutting-edge benefit designs. As specialists in the marketing and administration of self-funded group health plans, National Insurance Partners understands that employers are tired, frustrated and disenchanted with the options available to them today. We provide the innovation in plan design, with the protection of our insurance partnerships , to provide a unique, refreshing approach to healthcare benefits.

A Broker's Broker

We are truly a broker’s broker…our success is tied to yours. In this way, we are committed to supporting you in every way as you emerge as an alternative funded benefit expert in your specific market territory. Every month, significant attention is placed on relationship-building with our carrier and administrator partners. The strength of our partnerships, both on the carrier and administrative side, allows us to provide you with unparalleled support as you promote product and provide solutions for your group clients. We never stop working on behalf of your agency and your client companies!

ACA Compliance

Our goal is to always be on the leading edge of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), providing new programs on the alternative funding level as soon as they become available. By structuring benefit programs on an ERISA-based insurance platform, we can provide you with flexible plan designs that meet the requirements of Minimum Essential Coverage and Minimum Value Plans, as defined by ACA. One of your greatest opportunities at the present moment is to serve as a consultative expert with regards to ACA and we are committed to coming alongside your agency as you provide innovative solutions to address the needs of the small to mid-sized employer market.

Exclusive Access

We will enable your agency to differentiate itself in the market space by offering benefits most other brokers won’t have access to. Our featured products emerge as a new twist on self-funding and will serve as a valuable asset for you and your portfolio of group benefit products. With the recent trends and the presence of fully-insured carriers developing similar level-funded product designs, alternative funded programs are here to stay. Why not get a jump on your competition by aligning yourself with a group that has already done the vetting?