How Do Our Plans Work?

Help your group clients gain control of health care expenses by addressing the root cause of escalating healthcare costs

What does your insurance cover?

National Insurance Partners Corporation is a fast-growing Managing General Agency organization. Our regional offices represent some of the most experienced experts in alternative funded products and programs.

Incentivize Healthy Behaviors

Help your group clients gain control of health care expenses by addressing the root cause of escalating healthcare costs - employee health behaviors. Lifestyle Health Plans believes that the only way to truly manage healthcare costs is to improve the health and wellness of plan members. Though innovative plan designs, alternative funding structure, integrated wellness and lifestyle.

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Get to Know Lifestyle Health Plans

Innovative, ACA-compliant health benefit solutions for employers with 4 to 500 employees.

  • A health benefits solution that attacks the root cause of the escalating healthcare costs
  • Level-funded ERISA plan designs available through A-rated reinsurance carrier partnerships
  • Customized health plans offering a wide range of provider network choices
  • Turn-key program that offers employers full range of plan designs for ACA compliance

Strategic, Multi-Year Approach

Sponsoring employers will enjoy reductions in healthcare cost increases.

Health Care Cost Reductions,

Vision care can be expensive for residents, and in some cases it’s an offshoot of overall Lifestyle wellness in that it can actually help you detect serious diseases or health conditions. Finding the Lifestyle group insurance plan that offers vision care is a key part of making sure that your employees get maximum healthcare coverage. A solid vision plan should be considered when shopping for group Lifestyle insurance.

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Choosing and building an effective group Lifestyle insurance plan is important, and can take some time. The key is to consider each of the Lifestyle group insurance plans and build a plan that fits the needs of your employees. Additionally, promoting overall Lifestyle wellness can have a huge impact on keeping the costs low while boosting the overall level of health that your employees have. When you’re ready for better coverage, Lifestyle group insurance plans are here to help

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Dental coverage is one of the most important aspects of good Lifestyle group insurance and good health overall. Leaving dental issues uncorrected can lead to major health issues including serious infections and more. And without dental coverage in a Lifestyle group insurance plan, many employees in will never even visit the dentist – the costs are just too high. Part of a good Lifestyle wellness plan, dental coverage can cover care for basic and major dental procedures.

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