Lifestyle Vision Plans

Helps reducing the overall costs that you pay for the coverage while also helping stay even healthier and happier.
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Lifestyle Vision Plans

Your vision is precious to you – and your business employees’ vision is as well. That’s why finding a good ERISA level funded vision plan is so important. When you offer your team coverage through Lifestyle Vision, you’ll be giving them vision coverage that actually works for them. It will show them that you’re serious about taking care of them and help give them coverage that could lower your overall insurance costs while keeping them protected.

Why Lifestyle Vision Is So Important

Vision health is just an offshoot of overall health, and Lifestyle Vision has designed plans to give your employees protection for their vision that they can depend on. One of the core tenants of Lifestyle Vision and Lifestyle Health Plans is that prevention and healthy choices can have a major impact on overall healthcare costs.

Routine vision exams and vision care can not only help your team see better, but can actually help identify serious diseases or conditions early on, making it easier to treat them. Lifestyle vision offers ERISA level funded vision coverage that can impact every aspect of your team’s life.

Lifestyle Vision, Lifestyle Changes

All Lifestyle vision plans are created with the underlying belief that healthy choices and healthy lifestyle changes are the key driving factors in the health and wellbeing of any employee. We offer incentives to group members to help them stay motivated to make the right choices for their health – including their vision.

The Lifestyle vision plan is there when they need it, but small steps can have a big impact on their overall wellbeing as well. As such, it’s important to promote this when introducing your team to their Lifestyle Vision plan. It can end up reducing the overall costs that you pay for their coverage while also helping them stay even healthier and happier.

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The Difference Lifestyle Vision Offers

With Lifestyle Vision, your employees get everything they need when it comes to vision care. This includes:

  • Annual eye exams
  • Lenses
  • Frames
  • Contact Lenses

Our ERISA level funded vision plans offer your group two plan designs that have in-network and out of network benefits. Each of the Lifestyle Vision plans are cost-competitive and built with the same wellness-focused spirit of our medical and dental programs.

ERISA Level Funded Vision You Can Trust

Getting coverage through Lifestyle Vision is a good step for any business, but it is also vital that you take steps to get the kind of ERISA level funded vision plans you really need. You’ll get coverage for all employees, and to get the most competitive prices it’s worth considering bundling your Lifestyle Vision coverage with a group health plan through Lifestyle Health Plans.

  • VSP WellVision Exam®

    Every 12 months, a complete eye exam is covered at 100% with $10 copay, when utilizing an in-network provider.

  • Prescription Glasses - Frames

    Every 24 months, covered benefits for standard frame allowance and featured brand frame allowance through VSP are included with a $25 copay.

  • Prescription Glasses - Lenses

    Every 12 months, Single Vision, Lined Bifocal and Lined Trifocal Lenses are covered at 100% when utilizing an in-network provider. Polycarbonate Lenses for dependent children are also included in-network. Specific allowances are included for Progressive Lenses and other lens enhancements.

  • Contacts

    Every 12 months, contact benefits include allowances for contact lens fitting and evaluation, as well as a lens allowance in lieu of frames.

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