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Help your group clients gain control of health care expenses by addressing the root cause of escalating healthcare costs
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Lifestyle Health plans

Any organization needs to take steps to make sure it gives its employees full protection and as many benefits as possible. Lifestyle Health has designed a unique array of group health plans to be offered to your group as a way to manage health care costs while still providing health insurance that can be depended on. The right Lifestyle Health Plans for your company can be fully customized and structured based on the needs of your organization, offering an integrated wellness program and employee incentives that help drive this type of level funded health coverage forward.

A Closer Look At Lifestyle Health Plans

Lifestyle Health Plans are innovative health benefit solutions for employers that have between 2 and 500 employees at their business. With Lifestyle Health Plans, you can expect:

  • Level funded health plans that meet ERISA standards, available from an A-Rated re-insurance partnership
  • Health benefits that focus on the root causes of escalating healthcare expenses through integrated wellness and employee incentives
  • Customized ERISA level funded health plans that offer a wide range of choices of network providers
  • • A full, complete turn-key program that allows employers to get the exact level of coverage they need for ACA compliance.

Each level funded health plan with ERISA backing provides your employees with exactly the level of coverage they need to be protected.

Integrated ERISA Solutions

Too many insurance policies focus on just paying for medical treatment. Lifestyle Health Plans actually focus on improving the health of your employees. That’s why each level funded Lifestyle Health Plan has an integrated wellness program into the plan. It serves as a backbone to the ERISA based program design, and focuses on helping your team make healthier choices throughout their lives – something that can lower overall costs of any insurance. It’s one thing that sets Lifestyle Health apart.

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Incentivize Healthy Behaviors

Lifestyle Health Plans actually offer incentives to get your employees healthy. Each of the Lifestyle Health Plans can offer things like deductible credits, credit matching, and even bonus bucks cash rewards. Each of these can help lower a member’s out of pocket costs and can lower the costs your business pays for group health coverage through Lifestyle as well. By focusing on active health risk management, our ERISA level funded health plans can make a big difference.

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  • Telemedicine For Free

    Your employees also get direct primary care and concierge telemedicine with a $0 copay. Lifestyle Health Plans offer OnCall MED telemedicine as part of their overall design, with no extra cost to your business or your members. This feature lets members access a board-certified physicians via phone or email anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year. And, those on a Lifestyle Health Plan can access it with $0 copay.

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  • 100% Coverage for Outpatient Labwork

    Employees who aren’t covered under an HDHP plan will enjoy all outpatient lab costs included in their coverage completely, through Lifestyle’s preferred vendor partnerships. The DirectHealth Lab Program is an extension of Lifestyle health plans and makes it easy to stay healthy.

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  • 100% Coverage for Diabetic Supplies

    Diabetic patients can spend a lot out of pocket on their supplies. But our Lifestyle Health Plans eliminate the need. With our integrated diabetic supply program, members receive all the testing supplies they need with no out of pocket costs.

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  • Strategic, Multi-Year Level Funded Health Plan Approach

    Employers will notice reduced healthcare cost increases based on the overall health and wellness of their employee group. Lifestyle Health Plans blend Care Advocacy and Patient Care Coordination together to help individual members get guidance towards a better overall lifestyle. This allows for 2-year rate guarantees and lower cost increases as your team gets healthier.

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