Lifestyle Dental Plans

No matter which path you take it is vital that you give your team a level funded dental plan that works for your employees.
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Lifestyle Dental Plans

When any business starts thinking about the kind of healthcare coverage it wants to offer its employees, it’s important not to overlook dental care. Lifestyle Dental offers an ERISA level funded dental program that provides basic dental care that can help keep an employee healthy and keep them covered. For the best pricing, bundling Lifestyle Dental with a Lifestyle Health Plan is the right option, but no matter which path you take it is vital that you give your team a level funded dental plan that works for your employees.

Overall Health Through Dental Care

One of the fundamental principles of the Lifestyle Dental program is that it serves as a direct extension of general group health coverage. Oral health has a major impact on the overall health of anyone, and finding level funded dental plans with ERISA standards is one of the best ways to maximize the overall health and wellbeing of any patient.

Poor dental care can lead to infections, abscesses, missed days at work, sinus issues, and more. As such, when a business gives its employees one of Lifestyle Dental’s plans, they’re also giving them even more health coverage options.

Lifestyle Dental and Lifestyle Changes

All Lifestyle Dental plans are built on the same foundation of our health plans – that positive healthcare choices in one’s life will have a direct impact on their future and on the costs of their care. Prevention is valuable, and routine basic preventative care and care when a problem arises are both important parts of an ERISA level funded dental program.

When you offer plans with great rates to your employees that inspire them to get regular dental treatment, it lowers the risk of future health issues and also lowers the overall cost of insuring them. In this way, just by promoting good, healthy habits, you can end up lowering the overall costs of ERISA level funded dental plans. It’s a key part of what makes Lifestyle Dental so different – we focus on changing mindsets, not just on paying for treatments.

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ERISA Level Funded Dental Coverage Your Employees Deserve

Lifestyle Dental’s program is built to be cost-effective and to provide coverage without confusion. The plans are created with the same mindset of Lifestyle’s major medical plans. Each ERISA level funded dental plan provides coverage for preventative, routine care. Then, it offers basic and major dental procedure coverage as well including orthodontia treatments.

We believe that great dental benefits shouldn’t be confusing or complex. That’s why Lifestyle Dental keeps coverage explanations simple, offers straightforward and easy to understand pricing, and focuses on giving your team the coverage that they deserve without the huge hassles or costs of some other plans out there. Lifestyle Dental benefits can give your employees more than one reason to smile.

  • Preventive Procedures

    Coverage for Fluoride Treatments (under age 19), Cleanings, Periodic Exams, and X-rays are all standard and available every 6 months.

  • Basic Procedures

    Subject to deductible and co-insurance, coverage for Simple Extractions, Fillings, and Root Canals is standard.

  • Major Procedures

    Subject to deductible and co-insurance, coverage for Surgical Extraction of Teeth, Bridges & Crowns, Dentures, Partials, and Implants is standard.

  • Orthodontics

    Subject to deductible and co-insurance, coverage for orthodontics is standard for children under the age of 19, with one year of prior dental coverage.

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