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We provide our agency partners a wholesale marketplace for the leading ERISA-based level funding models available today.

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National Insurance Partners is a national Managing General Agency that serves as a leading resource in group health alternative funding programs for the small to mid-size employer community. Our alternative funded group health benefit solutions are designed for groups with 2 or more employees.

We provide our agency partners a wholesale marketplace for the leading ERISA-based level funding models available today. Join the growing number of employers who are meeting the requirements for ACA-compliance, while still saving money and improving their bottom line!


Why insurance is important for businesses.

Your business has one of the most important commodities on the planet – its people. Your employees are the very lifeblood of your business, and it’s important that any business take the time to make sure that its employees are protected and that they are satisfied.

Insurance is one of the main things employees today expect, and as such it’s important that you find a program that offers them the right coverage. Self-funded health insurance is one of the best options you can choose, offering you lower rates while still giving your employees the kind of ERISA insurance they need.

Alternative Funding For Health Coverage

We take pride in offering clients a variety of self-funded health insurance plan options for their employees. Our plans are hand selected and designed to be offered to employers with two or more employees. We offer alternative funding for ERISA based reinsurance policies that can help an employer like you bring ACA compliance and full health coverage together for your team of employees .

Instead of just working with a single insurance company, we deliver a wholesale marketplace to our broker partners then they can work with you to choose the self-funded health insurance plans that fit your needs the best. You’ll be able to find the right plan for your business and give your team the coverage that actually works for them – not something that exists only to give you ACA compliance. These are self-funded health insurance plans that actually help your employees!

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How Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans Work

The first step to better coverage for your employees is to understand just what self-funded health insurance is. This is a type of ERISA based reinsurance policy that allows groups to take more control over their insurance.

With a self-funded health insurance plan , your monthly payments are placed into an account that is set up specifically for your insurance policy. Then, as employees file claims the funds are withdrawn directly from that account. This is where the ‘self-funded’ aspect comes into play – instead of paying an insurance provider to keep your team fully covered, you essentially fund the medical costs yourself. The insurance provider still receives a fee, but those costs are simply for the administrative work of maintaining your account.

Group Self-Funded Health Coverage

Additionally, these types of self-funded health plans are generally group insurance plans. Group coverage means that individuals don’t have to pay specifically for their coverage. In a traditional single person insurance policy, the individual will be given charges and coverage based on their age, their weight, and their existing health. This means that someone with diabetes or someone who is older or overweight could pay far more for insurance than someone young and healthy.

With group self-funded health coverage, the risk factors are spread out throughout the group – an individual who is diabetic’s health risks are offset by another member who may never end up using the health plan. This means that those who may have been uninsurable on their own can actually get a policy that works for them. With risks spread out, the overall cost of coverage drops dramatically.

Cost Basics

The specific cost of what alternative funding will cost you when you file for coverage largely depends on the employee demographics of your business. The insurance company will begin by looking at factors that impact healthcare needs including things like:

  • Number of members to be covered by the policy
  • Age and gender of members
  • Health issues already present and how they could impact your future claims fund
  • Risk factors related to what type of business you have

Since you’re providing self-funded health care to a group of people at your business, you’re able to mitigate risks and lower overall costs. You’ll get an accurate estimate as to what your risk level and your costs should be, and then have that applied to your policy. Over time, the policy costs can be adjusted at renewal if it’s shown that you are paying too much or too little.

Benefits Of Our Self-Funded Group Insurance Plans

There are several key reasons that opting to use a self-funded health insurance plan is a better option for your business. Thanks to the structure of alternative funding, your business is taking on the majority of the risk related to offering health coverage to your employees. This means that you enjoy several benefits including the following.

Lower Costs – Since you’re taking over the majority of the financial burden in a self-funded health insurance plan, you are able to get lower overall rates. Insurance companies generally charge based on the amount of risk that they face by providing insurance to someone or to a group. When you take over funding of the insurance, they have much less risk. This translates to much less overall cost to you.

More Flexibility – We offer self-funded health insurance that can be fully built for your business and your employees. We know that every business is different. That’s why each client is able to select a plan that fits their needs. This can include adding coverage like dental or vision, and adjusting premiums, co-pays, and coverage amounts can all have an impact on the level of coverage as well as the final costs. This flexibility ensures that you can get a self-funded health insurance plan that fits your exact needs.

With self-funded health insurance, your monthly payments are actually placed into a bank account that is then used by employees when they file a claim, use a co-pay, and more. At the end of the year, if there are additional funds left remaining in the account than businesses will likely get a refund, depending upon the product and carrier. Some of the extra funds are given to the insurance company to cover administrative costs, but the remainder are returned to your business or held to be reinvested into your renewal for the next plan year. The specific amounts of the split will vary based on your policy and the carrier selected, but this extra cash at the end of the year can make a major difference in your annual budget and provide additional cashflow when you need it.

ACA Compliance – Not all businesses are required to have insurance in place to maintain ACA compliance. But, offering one of our self-funded health plans allows you to ensure that you are fully compliant and have nothing to worry about.

Happier Employees – All employees today expect to have some form of benefits when they join a team. This applies to your workers as well, and health insurance is one of the main things that employees look for when choosing a company to work for. When you have a good self-funded health insurance plan in place, you boost company morale and keep your employees happier. This can make a big difference in productivity, turnover, and more.

Simply put, the right self-funded health insurance can have a major impact on your company’s future. We take pride in offering self-funded health insurance plans that give our clients exactly what they need, when they need it. If you’re looking for a way to give your team health, vision, and dental coverage, this is an option that can help.

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How Your Monthly Payment is Used

Once you find your ERISA based self-funded health insurance plan, we start processing your payments and applying them in three different areas:

  • Aggregate and specific stop loss costs are applied to the premium
  • Costs are delivered to pay for administrative expenses
  • Funds are deposited into the Aggregate claim liability account to be used when needed

With our lower costs through alternative funding, we ensure that your employees get the protection they need without struggling to find an option that fits into your budget.

A Better Insurance For Your Team

If you’re looking for a way to give your employees health coverage that they can actually use, our Self-funded health insurance plans are well worth taking a look at. With lower overall costs and the ability to customize coverages to fit your needs and your budget, it’s a solution that offers a lot of advantages to employers.

Contact one of our team members today to discuss your business and its overall needs and plans. We’ll help you get ACA compliance and find the ERISA based insurance plan that matches up with your goals. Better coverage is closer than you might think.

Risk-free for the Sponsoring Employer

By partnering with NIPC, your agency will have access to a unique level-funded platform which can help shape and change the employee benefit space in your area. By focusing on employee engagement through wellness, cost control strategies and consumer driven approaches, NIPC is truly looking to make a difference in the health insurance space.

  • “Since getting appointed with National Insurance Partners, we've gained a one-stop-shop for the level-funded group marketplace. They've pre-qualified the carriers and products for us. Our agency has gained a valuable support resource to help us find the right product for each of our clients! ”

  • “With traditional carriers, our group clients were seeing increases each year that were unsustainable. We were frustrated with our lack of options to present. All of this changed for us as we got connected with National Insurance Partners. Our ability to retain and close business is at an unprecedented level - all thanks to the level-funded options now available to us!”

  • “The unique formula of wellness incentives with Lifestyle Health Plans was the missing link necessary to get our employees engaged in a wellness program. It’s about time that someone figured out how to get employees engaged in improving their health to help lower our healthcare costs.”

  • “We’ve tried out level-funded plans before but this Lifestyle Health Plans is different. With Lifestyle Wellness, we have a launch-ready wellness program that we’re not having to staff up for. It really is a game changer for us.”

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